The Unlikely Disciple

So I just finished reading The Unlikely Disciple by author Kevin Roose. The summary is basically this: Kevin, a journalist and student from Brown University, decides that he wants to explore the Liberty University up close and personal and undercover for a semester. He wants to see what Liberty students are really like. He want's to know how things work at Liberty and how it all comes together. His experience was honestly quite similar to mine. The dorm life was the same the people were the same. It's truly an honest inside shot of Liberty's student life. While I don't come to all of the same ending conclusions that Roose does about Liberty... I give him serious credit from coming from an objective standpoint not to beat down Liberty but to give an honest perspective. I laughed as I identified with many things on campus and remembered some experiences from my own dorm life. I cried when remembering the late great Dr. Jerry Falwell. I was sitting in the Thomas Road Baptist Church sanctuary having just come on staff not long before as Dr. Godwin choked out the words "... a giant has fallen ..." I watched the monogram flatten a large section of beautiful landscape on the mountain... and in the end I also have to credit Dr. Falwell for changing my life. In almost all cases for the better. I'm so thankful for one man following God's call on his life. It only takes one.

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