"Pee Pee Hands!"

People who dont wash their hands after they use the bathroom channel my inner 1st Grader I want to chase them down yelling "pee pee hands!" I mean really. How much effort does it take to walk over to a sink put some SOAP on your hands and sanitize yourself. I mean.... think about how many other people have flushed that toilet or urinal that HAVEN'T washed their hands. What kind of "down there" germs are on your hands from other people. I mean..... wow. There aren't many things that gross me out... but this is the last straw. I've counted 3 people today that I saw did not wash their hands. I'm not like hanging out in the corner of the bathroom counting or anything but, just while I'm in there. 3 people with germ covered pee hands. Makes me think twice about shaking hands with people. Bumping knuckles may be it for me now. Gross.

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