They Said, "I Do" And They Really Did.

So I just got done watching the season premiere of the show Jon & Kate Plus 8. I'm kind of speechless. I just feel such sadness in my heart for their family. The entire show it just felt awkward to watch. Everyone by now has heard about the situation with Jon possibly cheating on Kate but, to watch the two of them interact tonight on screen, or rather not interact, was heart wrenching. This is the family I've been watching for five years now. For five years we've watched them laugh and cry, purchase Hermit Crabs and German Shepherds... we've fallen in love with the kids and with Jon and Kate. They've become part of our family. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I was holding back tears. It's just so hard to watch two people... well... yeah.

I'm so fortunate to come from a home where my mom and dad are still married and still very much in love with one another. They have their squabbles, believe me I've been there for some rough ones... but, in the end what matters is that when they said "I Do" they really did. They committed to this thing for the long haul and understand fully what it means to sa
y that "love is a choice". I'm so very thankful for their example. My wife Kristin's parents are also still happily married and loving life and each other dearly. I pray to God that I never take for granted the example they have set for Kristin as well. As we both come up on our second anniversary on June 30th (I know it's a little ways away but, the show really got me thinking about it all), I can look in her eyes and know I'm here for the long haul. No matter what life throws at us... I'm here. I'm committed to loving her with all I am for the rest of my God given life.

In fact today marks two years from the day I asked my wife to marry me. While my plans got radically changed from proposing at Maymont Gardens in Richmond to Virginia Beach with King Triton not far off looking down on us. I pulled a ring out of my dingy man purse and asked Krisitin if she would do me the honor of spending the rest of our lives together. Every morning I wake up and am in awe that she said yes. I'm so thankful to God that he placed her in my life and can't imagine doing this thing with anyone else. She was shaped and formed and planned before either of us existed by God to be my wife. I'm so thankful and glad that God knows what He's doing.

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