A Stupid Choice Of Late Night Espresso | A Random Post About Nothing Much

I brewed some espresso tonight, aside from that being an reference from The Office and Café Disco, in order to stay up and finish writing my last paper for a distance learning class this semester. It was my last remaining assignment and now it's complete and submitted.

Well... I finished the paper a lot faster than I thought I would. So I grabbed a copy of Breaking Dawn (Book 4 in the Twilight Saga) that I borrowed from Tammy about 9 months ago. I've slowly made my way through the series but with classes and all picking up here lately I haven't had any time for personal reading. I made it through about 300 pages before setting it down and trying to sleep then being unable to began blogging - stupid choice making the espresso I know.

Well anyway I re-autofilled my got my iPod Shuffle a.k.a. "The Padlock", my 160GB Classic is called "The Vault", and have been listening to it the last few hours. It's a really good mix. I'm pretty please with it so far. At this moment Everything For You by The Rocket Summer is playing right now... I like the way this song grooves.

I've also generated quite the chronic headache tonight. I took an Excedrin earlier and it helped a lot, but now my head is splitting. Possibly a mix of the stupid choice of late night espresso mixed with the fact that I need a new prescription for my glasses.

So I've started yawning over and over again in the last few seconds... I'm taking that as my cue that my body may be finally ready to fall asleep. Needtobreathe is closing the night out on The Padlock.

Goodnight all.

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