I've Been Thinking A Lot Lately About...

I've been thinking a lot lately about this thing we have called a "relationship" with God. It makes me thankful I have a God who stirs in my heart and moves and speaks to me and calls me to know Him more. I'm thankful that my God doesn't sit on fluffy white clouds with lightning bolts and little Angel Soft Cupids flying around trying to sell toilet paper. I'm glad my God is intimate with me and knows me and longs to know me more.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what Francis Chan talked about in his session at the Innovate Church Conference this week. Specifically about opening God's Word and reading it like it's the first time you've ever read it. Reading it while putting away preconceived notions and looking for the "obvious truths" in the text. What are the obvious conclusions we come to? An example of this he gave was simply "Do you mean to tell me you read the Scriptures and when you are done the obvious conclusion you get is that you need to say a prayer to ask Jesus into your heart?" The truth is that this is not what we see Jesus saying about following Him. Jesus calls us to a deeper relationship with Him in which we abandon everything and run whole heartedly toward our God.

I wish I could lock myself in a room with a source of water and a vegetable tray and my Bible and just go cover to cover on the Bible. I want so badly to do this... I just have to plan it out.

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