Study | Pt. 1

"The Discipline of study is the primary vehicle to bring us to "think about these things." Study is tied most closely to the discipline of meditation. "Meditation is devotional; study is analytical". It's true that both study and meditation overlap in someways. The third journal entry I did by meditating on God's creative artistry in each of the fish in my fish tank would be tied closely to me studying my fish. However studying examines in more intricate detail the fish and from there creates a framework for the meditation to take a deeper shape. Foster explains that there are four main steps that make up the discipline of study: Repetition, Concentration, Comprehension, and Reflection. Ultimately study requires humility in that "we must be willing to be subject to the subject matter."

For my three times of discipline tonight I will be examining three different items in hopes of getting a better understand of them in order to better understand God through them. Foster calls this the "Study of Nonverbal "Books". I will take from the example in the chapter by watching multiple YouTube videos of moths emerging from chrysalis, as well as re-examining my sucker fish, OS X Leopard, in order to better understand what makes him tick, and finally I'll be listening outside for the bullfrogs that have decided to spring forth from their tadpole state in the pond behind our apartment and researching a bit on them as well. Each of these three will come in the form of a separate blog. I hope you'll enjoy journeying with me.

For my first experience I decided, since my internet speed was lagging like crazy, to head out to my back porch once again and listen to the American bullfrogs that have taken residence around my pond. These frogs sing in chorus. It's like they call out in rhythm to each other. One deep throated frog will call out to the others and they respond in higher pitched ribbit noises. I opened my back door and listened for a bit only to hear nothing. The frogs for whatever reason aren't singing tonight. I wonder if that's how we seem to God sometimes. There are moments in our lives where He calls to us and we answer back to him in a chorus of praise. There are also moments when God calls out to us and we don't answer back. We dive deep under the mud and ignore God. We sink down deep into corners of our hearts we haven't surrendered over to God and we hold on so tight that we don't even answer God when He calls for us. The truth is that God love us and has a plan for our lives to give us hope and a good future. All of that can only happen if we have faith to trust in God and answer when He calls. When has God called to you recently when you have chosen not to answer Him.

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