Solitude | Pt. 2


For my time in solitude today. I took some time to read through the book of Ruth and think about God's provision and blessing. I'll be taking some time to reflect on that in silence out on my back porch this morning. I'm asking God to bring to my mind ways He has provided for me that I may have forgotten or things He has blessed me with that I've lost track of. I'll be taking a little less time to do this today as I think 20 minutes last time began to really wear on my A.D.D. personality. I'll shoot for closer to 10-15 minutes for this exercise.


I began my time with a cup of coffee. Brewing it in my one cup T-Disc maker I grabbed my cup and sat out on the porch. I prayed, "God show me what You would. Speak to my heart. Show me what it is I'm not thankful for." It's hard to sit out on my back porch and not be captured by the landscape around you. We overlook a small pond and wooded area that shields us off from looking at the backs of other apartments all the time. Currently in our pond we have residing a group of about 3 ducks and a beaver. Yes a beaver. I've only seen him once or twice but today as I was watching the pond and sitting silently listening for God's voice that little beaver scurried out of the woods hoped in the pond, swam around a bit grabbed a twig from the shore and dove under water. No doubt he dove to the beginnings of his den. I thought about how much God provided for these small creatures. How He created them for His enjoyment and how they frolic about and relax and play simply enjoying the creation of their Creator. I often wonder what animals consider worship? If they can worship? Or if they are themselves created as evidence for humans to admire and enjoy pointing toward the creative nature of the Artist. God today specifically showed me that I don't take much advantage of the creation around me outside that He's provided for me to enjoy. Too often I'm sitting in my living room watching something on TiVo or playing my Wii or reading a book. I should take my book outside, put my Wii Fit into full action as I run and exercise in the beautiful of the God's creation rather than simulated pixelation. I should watch the greatest show of all more than man's feeble attempts. Is there a balance? Sure. Have I found it? No. I really need to work on this more.

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