I Don't Know... And I'm OK With That.

Psalm 145:3 (NCV) - "The LORD is great and worthy of out praise; no one can understand how great He is." 

I find such comfort in this verse. I find comfort in knowing that I won't ever understand everything about the greatness of God or the truths of His scripture. Sometimes I get frustrated when I come across an aspect or a characteristic of God that I don't understand or feel is contradictory. I get frustrated when I don't understand it all. This verse really helps me to rest in knowing that it's OK for me to be frustrated. It's OK for me to ask question and it's even OK for me to never find all the right answers. The truth is that God in His greatness and in His relationship me is guiding me along on a journey to more greatly discover Him and His greatness. He may only ever show me glimpses, but He is here with me every step of the way. 

God thanks for helping me understand what I do understand about You and for being so much greater than I could ever understand. 

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