CD Ripping

I've started going back through some old CD books to rip my CD's to my iPod. This has been a really long process. Not to mention I've done it before... not long ago iTunes freaked out while I was updating my iPod and it erased everything on my 160 GB iPod Classic. I had 150 GB's full at the time... yeah I was ticked. So I'm slowly going through each CD and ripping it to iTunes, finding the album art and dropping it on the pod. 

It's interesting seeing those old CD's. There's some stuff I listened to a long time ago that I forgot I even own
ed. There were two CD's tonight that really stuck out. The first being "Spice Girls: Spice".... yeah. My face probably looked like yours does right now... shocked. I can't even remember purchasing the CD. 

The next was "Six Feet Deep: The Road Less Travelled" This is the first Christian metal band I ever heard. After listening to the album, it's not great... but man.... memories. I was singing along with the songs before I knew what hit me. The thing that hit me was my cat Chai running across the room after Ginger. They hit me in mid run. What a bundle of furry fury. Yikes. 

Anyway. That's a small look at the craziness of this blog post. 
Anyone else been through a time like that? 
What are some songs or albums that resonate with your memories and that you love every time you hear them? 
How about any guilty pleasure or shock factor albums? 

I guess that's about all for this post. Blessings. 


  1. 150 Gigs? That's insane. I was listening to Free at Last by dc Talk the other day. It was pretty fun. "I don't want it. I don't want it, want it. I don't want it, want your sex for now."

  2. HA!!!! Dude, I remember I used to listen to that album on my walkman.. yes dated.... and walk around my neighborhood in Goldsboro. I laugh at that song now.... but then.... I used to sing it at the top of my lungs and throw my hood over my head and pretend to rap like Toby and sing high notes like Kevin.... I never could tell when Tait was singing...