The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Man

So today my wife and I had the privilege of eating lunch with a good friend at Wendy's. After we were done eating and had gone to our cars a gentlemen came up to my window and wanted to talk to me. I rolled my window down a bit and he proceeded to tell me his story of how he had lost his job and his car and apartment and just wanted to know if I could get him something to eat or give him some change for bus fair to the Salvation Army. I told him I could get him a cheeseburger. So I drove through the drive-thru got him a burger and came around the other side to give it to him and he was gone. I drove up and down Wards Rd. for a bit looking for him when Kristin called and said she saw him down the road at the bus stop in front of the Cash Advance. I drove out there... and yet again he was gone. I was riding around in my car getting really frustrated, I was trying do the right thing here. I was trying to "Love God. Love People." I was late for a meeting and the time for my next class to start was drawing close. Where did this guy go? It's like he disappeared off the planet. As I drove back to work feeling a bit defeated, I just prayed. "God please get that guy something to eat." I hope he does. I ended up giving the burger to a student who hadn't eaten lunch yet. Maybe it will all work out ok anyway. It's just really cold out... God please take care of that guy. I didn't even get his name. 

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