Psalm 43 - Screaming At God.

Psalm 43, "God defend me. Argue my case against those who don't follow you. Save me from liars and those who do evil. God, you are my strength. Why have you rejected me? Why am I sad and troubled by my enemies? Send me your light and truth to guide me. Let them lead me to your holy mountain, to where you live. Then I will go to the altar of GOd, to God who is my joy and happiness. I will praise you with a harp, God, my God. Why am I so sad? Why am I so upset? I should put my hope in God and keep praising hi, my Savior and my God." 

In verse 2 of the chapter I think we see the Psalmist writing in a place that many of us of the Christian faith often find ourselves. He starts with "God you are my strength." A statement of fact and of hope and of reassurance. It's what he's holding to. Then it's followed immediately by, "Why have you rejected me? Why am I sad and troubled by my enemies?" Don't we all say these things at one point or another in our spiritual journey? One minute we're are praise God and thanking Him for His strength and the next.... we are asking God "Where did you go God? Where are you? Were you ever there?" We begin to doubt who God is in our lives. We begin to doubt His sovereignty and His authority in our lives. 

When these questions arise we should respond as the Psalmist does in the verses that follow. He begins to ask God to "Send me your light and truth to guide me." He stops pointing fingers and begins to look in the mirror. He is asking God to show Him the way. He begins to praise God with song. He focuses his heart toward His Father. 

Does doing this necessarily mean that everything is going to be alright after that? Certainly not. In verse 5 the Psalmist again writes "Why am I so sad? Why am I so upset?" He concludes however, that no matter how bad it's gotten, no matter how sad he is that "I should put my hope in God and keep praising him, my Savior and my God." He finds hope in the One who gives hope. He finds saving grace and peace in the Savior and Prince of Peace. 

Today maybe you are crying out to God in a similar fashion. Screaming to the heavens with accusations about God not being there and your world falling apart. May you stop pointing fingers, look in the mirror, and remember that this is not your world. It's God's. And may you rest in the fact that He loves you beyond what you can comprehend. May you find hope in Him. 


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