These are my shoes. They are the only pair of Airwalks I've ever owned that fit me. In high school and middle school Airwalks were the junk. I looked everywhere for a pair. Every time I went to a shoe store I checked it out. The problem is at that time they only came in the the max size of 13. I wear a 14+. Some size 13's I can squeeze into but, no longer. My mom and I looked everywhere, stopped in every shoe store all to no avail. 
Anyway, shortly after Kristin and I were married we found this pair of Airwalks in a Payless Shoes in the mall here in Lynchburg. They were on sale and a size 13. Reluctantly reliving my childhood drama I picked up the pair and put them on. To my surprise they fit perfectly. My childhood fears were washed away and I was so excited Kristin bought me this pair of shoes. I wore them everywhere. Then I began to look at them more closely. They don't really go with anything unless it's a black band tee shirt and tight jeans and stud belts. Nothing wrong with those things (minus the tight jeans), but it's not where I am anymore fashion-wise or what not. I began to slowly not wear them as often. I put them on this morning and then after walking around a bit I switched them out for my solid navy slip-ons. How could a shoe that I was so excited about slowly become the shoe I put on when I'm going to get dirty. 

I wonder if we do this to God. Where God, when we first hear about Him or come to know Him is the best thing that could be happening. He's the thing we want the most over anything. And when we get Him we wear Him around for all to see. We tell others about Him and we're super excited and proud of our relationship with Him. He begins to be replaced by other things that grab our hearts. And before we realize it, He's stuck in the closet and we only pull Him out whenever we get dirty and need someone to take our junk from us. 

May God never be turned into a pair of lawn-mowing shoes. 
May He always stay at the front of our hearts and our minds. 
May He always be the most important thing. 

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  1. man i loved airwalks!
    i used to draw the "a" on all my notebooks in school