Boxing Up God In Pages & Ink

I am wondering when we decided we could box God up in text books and decide He would be OK with it. I mean.... where do we get the right to decide how God gets to be God? The more and more I read textbooks on theology and about how God has to do this and has to do that.... I just get this sense of... did God weigh in on this? Is He OK being told we He can and can't do? I mean He is God right? This is more me ranting than anything else.... I think.... I just..... where did we lose our awe factor of God? When did God become something we get entertained by on Sunday mornings in large auditoriums with plush seats? Did Jesus model that?....... God help me to not box You up in my heart and life. It's my prayer you would dwarf my cynicism if it's not of You and that You would organically grow and move in my heart. Make my heartbeat Yours God. 

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