Forgiveness & Consequences

Psalm 99:8 (NCV) - : LORD our God You answered them. You showed them that You are a forgiving God, but You punished them for their wrongs." 

There have been so many times when we have assumed God's forgiveness means not having consequences for my sin. At least I know for most of us we wish it was that way. I mean who wants to get into trouble. Wouldn't it be easier... don't we wish God would just forgive and then forget about the consequences? See when we think this way, we forget the fact that God is a holy and just judge. We forget that he must deal with our sins and that His Son died on the cross for our sins. Jesus paid the ultimate penalty for us. So we must deal with our own sin consequences. When we don't we place a barrier between God and us that doesn't need to be there. Consequences are a part of sin. Does God forgive? Yes. Do we still have consequences? Yes. We just need to own up to it. 

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