"But This One Go's To 11" - Sound Volumes In Worship


Great article for sound crews and worship bands alike. It's a good reminder for me. I ran into this issue not long ago when a student in my middle school department came up and asked me if I would mind having the band turn their volume down. He told me it had been really loud the few weeks before this point and it was starting to distract him from worship. This is never where we want to be. In using the band in worship we must be able to step out of the stage lights. We need to become invisible so God can be visible. How do we do that? By pointing everything to Him. We're not Guns 'N' Roses we are citizens of the kingdom who have the privilege of pointing others toward His heart. Let's not get in the way of that. Remembering that the tone of our guitars is not more important that the tone of our hearts would do us all some good. Blessings. 

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