Psalm 119:165: True Peace

Psalm 119:165 (NCV) - "Those who love Your teachings will find true peace, and nothing will defeat them." 

I would say that my life in general is pretty peaceful. I've never known persecution or anything beyond a student in my 9th Grade home asking why I wore WWJD t-shirts all the time and me feeling self conscious about it. 

I have peace. I have true peace in my spirit in knowing Jesus Christ. How do I have this peace? How do I know these things? Through my times with my Father in the Bible. I love the teachings of the Psalms and the Proverbs and every page in my Bible. 

Do I understand it all? No. Do I always live it all out? No. Do I have it all together? No. I have a lot I need to work on. I have a lot I need to work out. I have found peace in the teaching of scripture. I have found peace in the ways it teaches me to live my life. 

Am I invincible? Not physically. Bullets don't bounce of me and unfortunately I don't regenerate like Claire Bennet from Heroes. 

I can have peace however that I don't have to worry about eternity. I will live beyond this body. I will live beyond this dust. I will live in the kingdom of God and I will forever worship Him. This life begins now...

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