Psalm 119:136: Am I Broken?

Psalm 119:136 (NCV) - "Tears stream from my eyes, because people do not obey Your teachings."

Am I broken for the world around me? When I look out at the people who pass by me on 460 East as I drive to work every
morning do I have compassion for them? When I look at the average person serving me at the McDonald's drive thru or at my
local coffee shop with my barista or the other patrons in the shop, do I see value in them? Do I hurt for them? Do I see people in
need of a savior? Do I care? We're getting ready to go on a Winter Retreat called "ALL I HAVE TO GIVE". That's our theme. That's
what we're teaching. Do I do this in my day to day life as much as I can? Have I focused so much on "practical needs" that I've lost
sight of "spiritual needs". If I have I've done those I've come in contact with a great disservice. Father teach me to love the

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