Tag And The Mulch Is Lava: The Fragility Of Life

I've been spending the last dew moments listening to a record by the band Castle Worries (formerly Twelve.O.One), called "Tag And The Mulch Is Lava" and I'm really drawn into it. James Edmund Porter's lyrics are amazing as always and the musical crafting is more than just songwriting, it's pure artistry.... sometime I don't see much of anymore. Long story short, it's really good and it makes me think. I'm at home in NC for a brief stop on my way back from vacation. Kristin and I are getting ready for bed she's reading and I'm listening to the aforementioned album and blogging. For the first time tonight I sensed the fragility of life in this house. It's been a long time since I've seen my parents and they've changed a lot in the last few months. It makes me want to spend more time in this house, in these walls. It makes me wish I'd appreciated more of those moments growing up with my mother and father. One day they will leave this earth and I will see them again inside the gates of eternity with our Lord and Savior. It doesn't make thinking about them leaving any easier. I'm so grateful for the example of Godly parents. I pray I can set the type of example for my future children that my parents set for me. I've been so blessed. Thank you God for the life You've blessed me with.

"and then how the wind came,
it was lost, first the string snapped,
then the tail was cut off,
the kite had caught flight,
but it crashed in the jaws,
of that tree that taught me what failure was…"
- Castle Worries

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