Meditation | Pt. 2

"The inner reality of the spiritual world is available to all who are willing to search for it."
- Richard Foster


The meditation I'll be taking part in tonight is aimed at centering oneself by concentrating on breathing.

The meditation begins once again in a seated position whether in a chair or on the floor is your choice. "Slowly become conscious of your breathing. Inhale deeply (through your nose), slowly tilting your head back as far as it will go. Then exhale (through your mouth) allowing your head slowly to come forward until your chin nearly rests on your chest.

Do this for several moments, praying inwardly something like this: Lord, I exhale my spiritual apathy, I inhale Your light and life. Then after doing this for a few moments become silent outwardly and inwardly."

Focus your attentions on Christ living within you. If your mind wanders from this ""exhale" the matter into the arms of the Master and draw in His divine breathe of peace. Then listen once again."

Close your time in meditation with a moment of praise and thanksgiving to God for who He is and what He has done and is going to do in your life.


I found a comfortable spot on my bed sitting in the lotus position for this exercise. At first it made me really sleepy so I had to move to the floor to keep from wanting to doze off.

As I began breathing slowly in and out for this meditation I began to feel very calm and focused. I could hear the fountain in the pond behind our apartments splashing through my bedroom window. I inhaled and exhaled many things in prayer and meditation to God. I inhaled His strength, His courage, His peace, His love, His forgiving heart, His sacrifice on the cross, His victory over death and the grave. I exhaled my insecurities, my selfishness, my inhibitions in sharing my faith more, my sometimes quick temper.

I then stilled my body and my mind and focused only on the cross. I focused on the image of Jesus being crucified and then thoughts of forgiveness and dirtiness came over me. I am so filthy and unworthy of Christ's cross. I am (as David Crowder sings in the song Wholly Yours) full of earth, stained with dirt, prone to depravity. When Christ is everything that is bright and clean, the antonym of me, divinity.

But, the truest sign of grace was this... from wounded hands... redemption fell down... liberating man.

I closed my time quietly singing the words to that song.

When I opened my eyes I felt slightly lightheaded and very very calm. This could be the physical aspect of moving my head back and forth in that manner inhaling and exhaling for so long more than it was anything "spiritual" but, my heart and mind were focused on Christ.

I don't know that I'd recommend this meditation as it seems to disorient more than focus, especially for the young believer. However I will say that it's beneficial for the more mature believer who can differentiate between "feelings" and the Holy Spirit actually speaking and moving.

All quotations taken from The Celebration Of Discipline by Richard Foster

Meditation | Pt. 3 is Tomorrow.



  1. Yes one should be very careful when trying something like this.. this technique is not used anywhere in scripture and seems to be driven by feelings like you said. I don't know it seems to mystic to me.. lotus position, inhaling and exhaling God? Did you think you were going to float off into the 7th layer of heaven for a few moments? ha jk. I have tried different forms of meditation such as Lectico Divinia, as practice by early monks, but again one has to be careful with this stuff as not to mix it with other religious beliefs or thoughts that one can reach God by meditation or breathing positions.

  2. LOL!!! I don't know about 7th Layer of Heaven but, I used to watch the show 7th Heaven and found that quite enjoyable. : ) Your cautions are well taken and correct. Lectico Divinia is actually a meditation I've done and foudn the most help in as it focuses exclusively on scripture reading and meditation on God's Word. So it already begins with the right foundation. Good stuff my friend.