Abstaining From Twitter For Passion Week

RT @willmington: Signing off for Passion Week. Back after Easter.

Chances are that if you've been to either my Facebook or Twitter accounts recently you've seen the above message. I've been inspired by our family ministries pastor at TRBC Matt Willmington to abstain as he is from Twitter for Passion Week. As much as I can I'm planning on staying away from Facebook as well minus any basic message needs. In other words I won't be spending useless time on there. Passion Week is the week leading up to Easter in which Jesus Christ went through the events portrayed in the gospels and for those who haven't read the Scriptures, while I recommend you do, you can get a pretty good gist of the end result in the movie "The Passion Of The Christ".

I feel like I've been spending a lot of time online doing a lot of nothing. I'll tweet people or post on facebook walls trying to build relationships and such but really I don't do a whole lot of productive things on there. So for Passion Week I will be signing off of Twitter and not spending much time on Facebook. I'm planning on spending more time in the Word and in prayer.

If you're looking for me this weekend I'll be out of town. My wife and I are heading to Myrtle Beach, SC for a bit of vacation with family. I'll be spending some time with my dear friend and mentor Darien Gabriel at his church Grace Christian Fellowship during Easter and I'll even have the opportunity to help in leading worship corporately. I'm excited to see family and friends and relax a bit.

So that's where I'll be. I might blog here and there during the week but for the most part I'm trying to disconnect from the world wide web for a bit. See you all back soon.

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