Black Coffee And The Wonders Formerly Lost

So I don't know when but, sometime recently I started drinking my coffee black. It's taken me some place beautiful that I'm not sure I can ever remember feeling before. It causes me to be more poetic in my writing and thinking. I feel I've gotten sloppily simplistic with my lyric writing lately. It's not a good thing. When I drink my coffee black it reminds me of songs I've long forgotten that talk about coffee. One of the main remembrances is a song called Colorblind by the Counting Crows.

For the next 21 days I'll be taking part in a journal process on spiritual disciplines. I'll give constant updates on Twitter and on here as to how it's going. I'll be taking part in a number of disciplines:
meditation, fasting, solitude, and watching. I'll be journaling on each of these four for three times each. I'll give details as far as what I'm doing and the experiences that follow. I know that's not related at all to coffee being black but, I'm sure during some of these times of discipline black coffee and myself will have many fun times together.

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