Fasting | Pt. 3

I've always been told that "fasting" can be done with something other than food. That one could fast from say, video games, music, technology... you name it. So I decided to break the food fasting and switch to fasting from blogging for a few days in order to see the difference between the two types.

Obviously this fasting was easier to take part it. I'm a pretty avid blogger and thought it would be more difficult but, honestly it wasn't. With food, hungry comes much quicker than with technology. However I found myself having more time to think and pray in the times when I would normally be blogging. While normally I'm blogging about the things that I'm praying and thinking about it was nice to just have me and my thoughts for once. While food fasting is much more focusing that technology fasting, not to mention food fasting is the only one that Jesus talks about - maybe because there wasn't blogging available.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on fasting...thank you for sharing your experience with us.