Good Coffee @ The Good Cherry

All of you know I'm a loyal Muse Coffee Company supporter. However, tonight Bryan closed up shop early, I'm thinking because of the UNC game tonight. Go Heels! Regardless, I needed a coffee shop that had free wifi a great atmosphere and amazing coffee. So I made the drive out the The Good Cherry. I normally don't make it out this far as it's not really nearby for me. I got their clover press coffee, a rare treat, and I fell in love with this place all over again. Not to mention their use of Pandora Radio to keep an amazing stream of hits playing, and I mean amazing, the aesthetics are amazing. The people are friendly here as well. I was asked by a shorter african american woman if I wanted some of her sugar... at first I was slightly taken back then I realized she was holding the canister of sugar in her hand for the coffee. It was even more humorous when the young gentleman who pressed the clovers for my coffee brought out a refill of half and half and asked me if I wanted any sugar. I guess he thought I was looking for it. After being offered sugar by just about everyone in the shop I sat back and felt really good about being here. The people here seem to genuinely be happy. That makes all the difference. I've found a little piece of what I love so much about the Muse Coffee Company just a little ways down the road toward Forest at The Good Cherry. This was a good choice. Did I mention the clover press coffee is amazing?

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  1. I've only been there once, but I instantly loved the place. The staff struck me as the most coffee-knowledgeable people in Lynchburg... I just wish it were closer :-)