My Fight With The Wii Fit & My Coffee Table

This is my ear. It's gross and pussy and bloody because I got in a fight.

Yes. I got in a fight with my coffee table. That's right my coffee table. Why did I get in a fight of the coffee table?

Well I guess you could say that Wii Fit instigated it. Yeah. Wii Fit started the fight. Yeah Wii Fit was the instigator.

Here's how it all went down. This morning I woke up earlier to spend some time on the Wii Fit because, lets face it I need to spend more time on the Wii Fit. So I got up. Set up and started going through some aerobic and balance exercises then finished up with the Yoga poses. I went through all of the poses and on the screen and on the last few you don't use the balance board. You lay flat on your back and go from there. Well I sat down and got ready to lay down. As I was laying down I didn't by chance look behind me to see the corner of my stone coffee table looming in the shadows. I slammed my right ear and head pretty hard into the corner and a hot burning sensation filled my head. My cats thought this was hilarious and quickly ran over to me and (I'm pretty sure they thought I was fresh game to be scavenged the lionesses in them came out ) began to lick and purr. I shooed them off and continued with my Wii Fit. I was trying to be quiet as my wife, Kristin, was still asleep. I started to get a little light-headed so I quit and put my hand up to rub my ear and drew back a bloody nub. I was bleeding like crazy. I quickly wiped off my ear and woke my wife because I couldn't see where the blood was coming from. Turns out it was this tiny cut up inside my ear. So that was what went down with the Wii Fit Coffee Table Fiasco this morning.

Some people play Resident Evil 5 for their blood and gore. I play Wii Fit. : )

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