Could Jesus Have Been God's Son, But Not God?

I don't have too long to write this as I forgot my charger this morning and my batter is slowly waning away. I had a thought. I'm not saying I agree with it. My wife and I were talking through some things last night at the question came up: "If someone doesn't believe that Jesus is God, but does believe they are God's Son and the only way to heaven... do they still go to heaven?" I've spent some time thinking through this... I even dreamed about it... and to be sure I'm not sure where I rest. I've always said it's what you do with Jesus that shapes everything. And (this is me thinking out loud) if Jesus were not God but, God's Son and still lived a sinless life that would make him able to still be the pure spotless lamb that died on the cross for the payment of sins...

Now don't get me wrong I do believe that Jesus was God's Son and God at the same time. He lived a sinless life, died on the cross, and conquered the grave because he loved you and I and didn't want to leave us in the sinful state we're in without a way out.

It just gets a little tricky. I'm hoping to hash this out with one of my good friends this morning. What are your educated thoughts? I don't want opinion. Give me scripture and basis for your arguments. I have enough of my own opinion trying to get out of the way of scripture. I don't need more of that. I need solid answers. I'm digging deep in the Word this morning for this one.


  1. I'm going to respond to this later after I ponder it for a while. My first reaction is of course you can't be saved if you don't believe Jesus is Lord. But the JW's do confuse it up a bit don't they?

  2. Interesting question. I don't have any good answers right now either, but I appreciate the blogpost. Definitely something to chew on.