My Constant Battle With Sleep

There are nights like these when I just can't sleep. I'm not sure why but, I know for sure than sleep and I don't get along as much as we used to. I attribute some of this to back problems I've had since high school. I've been going to the chiropractor recently for that however and through adjustments and acupuncture I think some things are starting to straighten out loosen up and help me out back there.

I laid down for bed around 10:30PM played a quick game of Spore on my iPod Classic, beat the game for the first time, and closed my eyes to sleep...

I guess you figured out how well that worked. I've tried to sleep on the couch, on the floor, all over and nothing. I'm inches from taking some sleepy time medicine but, I'm not game on taking medicines I don't need. I need to sleep, I don't have a stuffy nose, cough, fever, etc...

So here I am blogging. Sometimes blogging makes me sleepy so here I am. Trying it out. Writing to everyone who never reads these posts in the first place about my inability to sleep well assuming anyone will care. Yeah right. Well... Not much else to say. Got a cup of water, gonna try and sleep now... yawning excessively. Goodnight all who care to read.


  1. Have you tried medicines such as Ambien or Melotonin? I don't know if I spelled those right.

  2. Hey thanks for the welcome note on the blog. this should be fun. yeah, I use (sometimes when necessary) some cheap sleep aid stuff. It works and helps you get up in the morning, which I find somewhat disturbing.