The Love Of Our Lord

Listening to Punk Goes Pop: Volume Two this morning. Steaming it from imeem.com feeling pretty god about the mix so far. There a re few I could do without but there always are. Reflecting this morning on the love of Jesus and specifically how to love like Him. How to cary His example of love over into my life. In John 15 Jesus says in v.12 "This is my command, love each other as I have loved you."(NCV) It's not an option. It's a command. Jesus then continues with what 'the greatest love a person can show is to die for his friends." v.13 Wow. Jesus did this ... he literally fleshed this out. His flesh and bone has town from his body during his scourging before the cross so much that he was unrecognizable. The man of sorrows found in Isaiah. Jesus thank you for the cross. Thank you for the cost you paid no greater love have you ever showed to me than to be nailed to the tree. There is no one like you God.

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