Like Zombies Walking Sluggishly Across A Crowded Freeway

So tonight I was sitting in a room full of Christians. Kids who, the majority, said they came from churched homes in which mom and dad were both professing Christians. Who knew nothing about the faith we claim to base our lives around. It's one of the scariest things I've ever experienced I don't know that 90% of the room could share their faith. The question "What does "the wages of sin" mean?" was caught with blank cold stares like zombies walking sluggishly across a crowded high traffic freeway. I couldn't help but, pick my jaw up off the floor when I realized how many of them couldn't effectively share their faith. Isn't this the thing we claim to base our entire lives, our very existence around. It was humbling. It's one of my goals this week to get these students to fall more in love with Jesus and understand more what their faith means to them. I want to help them rediscover Jesus like it was for the first time. When do we lose our sense of wonder about Christ? When did Jesus become just a story?

My dear friend Jeremy Rader (@jeremyrader) commented tonight on our relationship with Christ saying, "What is your relationship with Christ like now.... and where do you want it to be?" I think that's a great question that gives us an excellent ability to look ahead to the things God has for us. So are you where you want to be?

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