Jiffy Lube Morning

I'm getting my oil changed at Jiffy Lube and taking advantage of their WiFi to write a little bit here. I'm sitting next to a gentlemen who is very obviously homosexual. My suspicions were confirmed when he saw my shirt (Thomas Road Baptist Church - Love God. Love People.) and quickly turned his head up with a "hmph, yeah right". And returned to the news. He and I have been watching the news reports on the shooting at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. I say out loud to him, "It's unbelievable isn't it." Without looking at me he replies, "That's what hate will do to you people." I tried to be cordial and conversational for the rest of the time we were here together before his car was ready and he went off on his way. I wanted to be loving to him as much I could. I didn't want him to feel like I was alienating him. I've read through the passages in Scripture that express homosexuality as sin. I think it's a mistake to call it more of a sin that drinking, or gluttony. I feel it's a gross hypocrisy to see it as anything different. This next statement might get me some weird looks. If it were not for the Bible saying that homosexuality is wrong and me believing everything that the Bible says to be true, I would have no problem with a monogamous homosexual couple being married. If the Bible didn't say it was wrong then I wouldn't have a problem. If it was all based on "feelings" and "emotions" (which I don't believe true love is based on anyway but, that's another blog) then I wouldn't have a problem. The truth is though that God didn't design us as having a choice to be homosexual. He designed the family unit as male and female. What is the best way for me to love that gentlemen? I don't agree with his lifestyle but, I know God loves him and has a plan for his life. I will be the best example of Jesus I possibly can be. I will love him. God break my heart for what breaks Yours.

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