Celebration Station And A Stabbing Around The Corner

So today was pretty awesome. I attended my first ministry site with my track group from MFUGE. I'm in the Social track and today we went to a ministry downtown called "Celebration Station". I have an interesting group. No one from PowerSource is in the group with me but, my track leader is a girl named Kara Barefoot. She and I went to the same church when we were younger so it was nice to be able to know someone and catch up a bit. At the Celebration Station(CS) we basically planned out an afternoon of fun for the neighborhood kids. CS is located in a downtown urban area.

The neighborhood is not in a good part of town, during our rounds promoting the party a man was stabbed after he picked a fight with another man just up the corner. CS was on top of it right away. For the first hour we walked around letting people know that we were having this huge party with face painting and balloon animals and games. It was a big hit. We had close to 30 little kids come out. It was awesome. We played 4 Square and RedLight|GreenLight and Freeze Tag. It was really cool.

During the story time a boy named Mark sat beside me. He really like my To Write Love On Her Arms shirt. He wanted to know if I got it at the mall. I told him I didn't and he seemed sad. We talked a bit more and he asked me if I was married, "Yes" I responded. "Does that make you happy?" he inquired. "Yes it does make me very happy but, the thing that makes me the happiest is Jesus. Do you know Jesus?" He shook his head no. I told him about Jesus and about how He had always been there for me no matter what. I explained what He did on the cross and why He had to die. I then asked Mark, "Would you like to know Jesus as your Savior?" Mark sat and thought for a few moments and then replied, "I think I'm ok today." I asked him if he was sure and he said he was.

I hope I get to talk to him more tomorrow.

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