To My 8th Graders Moving Up:

"May you - shine your light to let the whole world see the glory of the Risen King Jesus - may He be the center of your lives - your one passion - when the road is dark ahead may you rest in the shelter of His wings as He sings over you with gladness and brings you quietness through His love - oh how He loves you so oh how He loves you how He loves you so - may you find your identity in the beauty of Jesus blood that never fails you - may you live as if you would give your life to follow everything you believe in - because it is all because of Jesus that you are alive - may your hearts break for what breaks God's - may you shine with the light of God, speak words of love, get a little wild when you dance, worship the King with everything that you are and make a joyful noise to the Lord with all of creation because you are known and loved by the King."

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