The Tale Of The Three Day Old Sheetz Coffee And A Word To The Colossians

I finished a cup of coffee today that I bought Sunday morning from Sheetz. It's been in and out of fridge as I've nursed it slowly. I bought it Sunday because we just moved and all of our coffee stuff was packed away in a box and I needed some caffeinated loving. I picked up Matt Godsoe, one of our students, and we swung into Sheetz grabbed the cups-o-joe and made our way to PowerSource. The thing is that Sunday morning got a little more crazy than I had hoped for on the way toward our start time and I never got to drink my coffee. At the end of service I took some sips to keep myself from falling asleep, bed time the night before was around 1:00am due to unpacking and it was a 5:30am waking up before the dawn. I dropped it in the fridge took it over to the apartment last night (we're repainting it white) and brought it home and put it back in the fridge. Woke up a little later this morning with no time to brew a hot cup and grabbed my trusty Sheetz Coffee cup out of the fridge again and finished it in a meeting this morning. Granted this morning it was by far NOT the best cup-o-joe I've had. It was actually a bit gross. Ok really gross but, I was desperate.

I was reading in Colossians today for a bit of a switch up and got to verse 13 of chapter 1 which reads: "God has freed us from the power of darkness, and he brought us into the kingdom of His dear Son." (New Century Version) I started thinking about how I've been freed from darkness. I'm no longer a slave to it. I don't have to remain in it... but.... sometimes.... my heart drifts back to dark places and in the end I'm left screaming and crawling back to the light. It's kind of like my Sheetz coffee. I had opportunity to get other coffee. I could have gone over to Starbucks or even dropped back by Sheetz for a fresh brew but, I kept returning to my cold sludge. I had the opportunity to be freed from it. There was nothing holding me there but I kept going back to it.

What sins keep calling you back to the darkness?
Things you feel like you can't escape?
May you rest in the fact that as a child of the King you are freed from the bondage of the darkness.
May you run into the marvelous light cast by the Son Jesus Christ.
May you get some fresh brewed, warming, refreshing cup-o-joe and not settle for the sludge.
Meditate on Colossians 1:13 today.
Rest in it.
Release it.
Be free.

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