Finding An Unseen God: Reflections Of A Former Atheist - Book Review

It's always a beautiful thing to hear the stories of lives that have been changed. Lives that were heading deeper into the darkness of the world only to be rescued and brought into the Light. It's a beautiful thing to hear about how Jesus changes lives.

That's exactly what the book Finding An Unseen God is all about. It's a true story, a testimony if you will, of a changed life. The author, Alicia Britt Chole, writes with passion and zeal to communicate the story of the events surrounding her encounter with Jesus.

As a former Atheist, Alicia writes from a slightly apologetic perspective. She reminds Christ-followers that they are to be known by their love. This is not a wishy washy love that wipes over all people without an attempt at sharing the gospel. Alicia encourages the reader to communicate the truth in love and one might get the idea that she feels the telling of your own story may be the best way to do just that.

The book jumps from chapter 52 and the end of her story to chapter 1 the beginnings to 51 to 2 and so on until it meets in the middle. While at first this is a bit confusing it later became pretty enjoyable and worked like a seamless puzzle joining up in just the write moments. It also became very nice in breaking up what some might consider heavier apologetic sections of reading. While there is no real, "heavy reading" in Finding An Unseen God it's still nice to keep the story moving while breaking it up as well. The theme of puzzles seems to flow throughout the book, from the clever cover art to an actual word puzzle at the beginning of the book, that serve as metaphorical touches to Alicia's testimony of her life that at many moments seems like a table full of puzzle pieces waiting to be put together. Thankfully all is found and put in place by her Savior, Jesus.

While Alicia spend 90% of the book simply telling her story, it's not lost on this reader her attempts to draw those without a relationship with Jesus into one. She leaves the reader with four filters to apply to their own faith, which she in tern has applied to her relationship with Christ. "(1) - My faith's savior, Jesus, is consistent to the core. (2) - My faith - though quotable - is also livable. (3) - My faith in Jesus is sustainable (4) - My faith in Jesus is transferable to others."

Overall, Finding An Unseen God, is an enjoyable and quick read. It's the true story of a woman who has come to grips with who Jesus is and what He has done in her life.

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